Loans Quicker Than Express Coffee

General FAQ's is a Fintech Division of a RBI registered NBFC with the help of latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence. We committed to provide our customers a credit solution which fits into their fast lifestyle. We provide short-term personal loans within minutes that too without going anywhere.
It is an unsecure, short-term loan provided to a salaried employee. Salary Advance Loan is a shorter version of Personal Loan. While ‘Personal Loan’ranges from 1L to 30L with tenure ranging from 1-5 years,​ ‘Salary Advance Loan’ranges from 10K to 1L with tenure ranging from 62-120 days.
We understand the value of your time. We have designed the process in such a way that loan gets processed within few minutes. All you need is to login to our website , fill a short form and upload the required documents. The moment we receive all the details, system will calculate and approve the loan as per the eligibility. Once the loan is approved, you need to sign few documents and within few minutes the amount will be credited to your bank account.
No. The Salary Advance Loan offered by us are completely unsecured loans, which means that you don’t need to produce any security or guarantee for it to be disbursed.
Really? Do you want to share that? We are not interested. We at do not ask the purpose of the loan. But we suggest that you take the loan only when it is needed urgently. You may need it for shopping, vacation, to pay off your credit card bills, unavoidable financial emergencies or you just feel like you need it.
Yes, we suggest you should. Default in Credit Card bill payments not only attracts heavy penalties and interest but also affects your Credit Score negatively, which is a bigger thing to worry about. We charge a lower rate of interest and you can also get more days to settle your liability.
As soon as you pay off your first loan, you automatically become a member of the Money-G Club. There are lots of other exclusive benefits for Money-G Club members.
We at do not share our client’s information with third parties without their permission except when required by law.

FAQs Related to Eligibility

No. Since the amount of loan is dependent upon the salary credited to your bank account.
It depends on factors that determine your credit score. Bad credit score may not be that bad from where we look at it.
Yes. To apply for a loan from, you just need to provide your current address, 3-month salary slips, bank details and other required details. We will be happy to consider your loan application.
As you fill the information, we process your application on a real-time basis and inform you about your loan eligibility within minutes and disburse the amount in another few minutes into your designated bank account.
Why not? We are here to build a firm relationship with our customers by becoming their foremost choice for their financial needs. You can apply for the loan any time after you pay off all your dues with
Yes. Our aim is to make the loan application process simple and paperless. Our loan procedure is completely based on AI which allows you to take the loan without any physical paper work. All agreements will be signed using e-sign feature available on our website.
Once applied, your application cannot be cancelled.​ However, you can return theloan anytime after 7 days.​ ​You just need to pay the interest for the periodbeginning from the date on which the amount was credited in your account andending on the date of repayment.

Cost, Repayment and Penalties General FAQs

Interest rate is calculated on the basis of your credit score and income. It ranges between 0.4% -0.7% per day.
Yes.​ We charge a processing fee of Rs.499 + GST (10k - 50k) and Rs. 699 + GST (50k - 1L)
You don’t need to worry about that. Our CRM team will keep reminding you ofyour dues in advance.​ ​Pinal ​interest rate of 0.6 % per day will be changed on you EMIdue amount + Rs 500 excluding GST as bounce charges.
No, you can’t. You only become eligible for another loan from after you pay all your existing dues with
No. There are no hidden charges.